Looking for an instant business loan? Lucky for you, this is the landing field you may find quite interesting. However, if you will allow this article on small business loans to tug on your coat, you’ll know the real facts, not supposition, as well as no “softball” approach, either. The usual suspects like the Small Business Association (SBA) is usually the choice of most folks in the market for a small business loan or other types of loans like “venture capital, banks, and, of course grants” which are the usual targets a budding entrepreneur looks for with the thought that since everybody else uses them, why not you!


Look, folks, searching for a small business loan can cause a migraine headache. Yes, starting your own business can be one of the best times of your life; or not. It’s exciting, as well as new, and at this stage of your life, you’re about as happy as ants at a lakeside picnic. What you may not know is that most lenders seeking your business are pretty much “cherry picking” folks like you, and the fact remains that until some entrepreneur wannabe can prove that their new business idea has been up and running for at least 6 months, nobody, but nobody is going to lend you any money; unless it’s your wife’s brother.

All that said, allow this article to help you know what the options are for small business loans. In today’s lending world, there are not many except this group:

Private lenders
Government resources like SBA and USDA
Other than that, you will have to pick another non-traditional train to travel on like these:

Peer-to-peer lending
Credit cards
Personal savings
Merchant cash advance
Retirement accounts
Life insurance
And the 3 F’s – family, friends, and fools who love to gamble